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SI.No.Advance MathsLinks
1.Routh’s TheoremClick Here
2.Menelaus TheoremClick Here
3.The Pedal and the Orthic TriangleClick Here
4.The Golden Ratio and PentagonClick Here
5.Inradius and Circumradius of a Right Angle TriangleClick Here
6.The centroid of the triangle (All concepts)Click Here
7.Geometry BasicsClick Here
8.Cyclic Quadrilateral (All theorems)Click Here
9.Trigonometry Formulas with ProofClick Here
10.3D Geometry FormulasClick Here
11.Shaded Area ProblemsClick Here
12.Right Angle Triangle TheoremsClick Here
13.Viral Geometry ProblemsClick Here
14.Maxima and Minima (Algebra, Geometry & Trigonometry)Click Here
15.Centers of a TriangleClick Here

Online Class Logicxonomy
1.Fast Multiplication TricksClick Here
2.Surds and IndicesClick Here
3.Classification of NumbersClick Here
4.Types of NumbersClick Here
5.Permutations and CombinationsClick Here
6.ProbabilityClick Here
7.LCM and HCF ConceptsClick Here
8.Simplification and Approximation, Unit Digits, Digital Sum, Divisibility Rules, & Remainders, etc.Click Here
9.Speed Distance and Time conceptsClick Here
10.Nth Root of any NumberClick Here
11.The sum of the seriesClick Here
12.Divisor ConceptsClick Here
13.Factorial and Trailing ZerosClick Here

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SI.No.Logical ReasoningLinks
1.CalendarClick Here
2.ClockClick Here
3.SyllogismClick Here
4.Cubes and DiceClick Here
5.InequalityClick Here
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Question Banks

1.Remainder ProblemsClick Here
2.Series ProblemsClick Here
3.SI and CI ProblemsClick Here
4.Divisor ProblemsClick Here
5.SimplificationClick Here
6.Percentage ProblemsClick Here
7.Miscellaneous ProblemsClick Here
8.Figure CountingClick Here
9.Speed, Distance, and TimeClick Here
10.LCM and HCFClick Here
11.Profit and LossClick Here
12.2D GeometryClick Here
13.3D GeometryClick Here
14.AverageClick Here
15.Mixture and AlligationClick Here
16.PartnershipClick Here
17.Time & WorkClick Here

Most asked question

Why Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning Ability are Crucial Skills Tested in Interviews and Competitive Exams?

1. Problem-solving skills: Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning skills help individuals to approach problems systematically and logically, which enhances their problem-solving skills. This can help to increase IQ because it requires the ability to think abstractly and reason critically.

2. Analytical skills: Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning skills require individuals to analyze data and information, which can improve their analytical skills. This, in turn, can enhance their ability to think critically, identify patterns, and make informed decisions.

3. Memory and attention: Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning skills can improve memory and attention span as they require individuals to remember and apply various concepts, formulas, and rules. This, in turn, can lead to an improvement in IQ, as the ability to remember and apply information is essential to overall cognitive ability.

4. Logical reasoning: Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning skills require individuals to think logically and identify relationships between different concepts. This enhances the ability to think abstractly, which is a key component of overall IQ.

5. Problem-solving under pressure: Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning skills require individuals to solve problems quickly and accurately, even under pressure. This can improve their ability to perform well under stress and make sound decisions quickly, which is essential for overall cognitive ability.